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Mermaid's Love Epilogue (Part 1 of 2)
Arianrhod grasped the fence, floating in place half way down the metal bars keeping them in the lagoon, longingly looking out towards the open ocean.  Daydreaming of swimming the open ocean, away from all of this mess, free to swim among the fish, corals, and the clear warm waters of the tropical regions of the world.  It had been nearly ten months since she and Christina were trapped in a lagoon on a tropical island in the middle of the Pacific.  They have been prodded, probed, and samples of all kinds were taken from them against their will.  Over the months, both mermaids surfaced less and less while spending more and more time swimming around the corals.  It had been weeks since the last time Arianrhod had sunbathed on the small beach that were allowed to use, let alone drying off enough to allow her human legs to grow back.
“Dreaming about swimming throughout the world’s oceans isn’t helping,” said a voice in Arianrhod’s mind.
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Nancy's Revenge 5/Magda's New Journey
“Sorry I’m late Magda.  Traffic was a bitch this morning,” Sandy said, out of breath.  
Looking up from her cell phone, Magda said, “Well, you’re here now.  So, let’s get up to my office so we can continue looking through this Dr. Roberts case.  It’s starting to become a pain in the ass that we haven’t caught this guy yet.”
Taking a sip from her coffee, Magda stood up and started walking towards the FBI building that they both worked in.  Sandy followed.
Walking into the building and through security the two women were silent.  The lobby crowded and loud was filled with people going about their business.  
“I wonder if I can ask how she got her extra pair of arms.  I’m curious how she got them.  It’s not something you see every day,” thought Sandy, catching up to Magda after being the second person through the security checkpoint.  
“What exactly are we
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Mature content
Roberta's Adventures Part 1 :iconfares002:fares002 21 4
Two Ways of the Mind Final Part
Three Years Later
“Hey mom! Hey Dad,’ called out Amanda with her right head.  ‘Are you guys home?  I’m back for the weekend from College.”
“We’re in the kitchen sweetie,’ called out Amanda’s mom.  ‘Dinner is almost ready if you haven’t eaten anything.”
“Great!’ said Amanda’s left head as she walked into the kitchen to see her father sitting at the table typing away on his computer.  Her mother hovering over the stove making dinner.  ‘What’s up?”
“Hey sweetie,’ said her mother’s right head as her left head looked up from the stove and smiled at her daughter.  ‘What’s been happening this week?”
Sitting down next to her father, Amanda’s right head looked up at her mother, responding, “Not much.  Just classes in the morning, work in the afternoon, and hanging out with friends in the afternoon.” &
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Adventures in The Life of Roberta(Preface)
“Ha!  Life has changed so much in the past year.  It’s been so strange and weird journey that has happened,” Roberta said, hooves clomping along the dirt path leading up to the trail head.  
“What do you mean?”  asked Kyle, walking side by side to Roberta; nearly a foot and half shorter than her.  
“Well, who would have thought that a year ago the world would have changed as it did.  I’m a walking myth.  I’ve just have to deal as best as possible.  Money has been really tight.  That’s why I do this on the side.  Sure it was a little demeaning at first to allow people to ride on my back as if I was a regular horse but it helps with the bills,” responded Roberta.
“I imagine.  Times can be tough for everyone.  I’m just grateful that I’m in a position to give my family a leg up in the world,” said Kyle.
“Daddy, Daddy!’ said a little gir
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Two Ways of the Mind Part 7
Quickly, going through the rows of books in the school library both Amanda her mom continued to look for any book that could remotely be related to their current situation, as they would put it.
“I can’t believe how quickly we are going through everything,’ said Amanda’s mother.  ‘This is amazing.  Who knew having two heads would be so beneficial.  I’m able to go through multiple books at once without skipping a beat.”
“I know what you mean Mom.  I figured that out a few months ago when I needed to cram for a test and had a bunch of homework due the next day.  It is amazing.  Something that I actually have really enjoyed having the benefit of while having two head,” responded Amanda with a smile.
“Five more minutes ladies,’ said the janitor from the library doorway.  ‘Then I’m going to have to kick you out.”
“Yes sir,” said Amanda.
“Thanks for letting
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Two Ways of the Mind 6
Sitting down across from Todd, Amanda felt her stomach lurch with butterflies.  Wide-eyed, Amanda looked at Todd silently.
Nonchalantly Todd took the last bit of his food ferally, as if it was the last thing he was going to eat for the rest of his life.  Amanda gave a disgusted look at Todd’s actions.  “Boys,” she thought as Todd stood up with the tray he was using.
Throwing away the garbage on the tray Todd sat back down and stared at Amanda’s left head.  Then he looked at her right head, and back again to her left head.  “Um, I don’t really know which head to talk to Amanda,” said Todd shyly.  
Realizing that he didn’t know how to talk to her Amanda said with both heads, “Just talk to which ever head you feel most comfortable talking to.  I’ll respond with that head to make it easier for you.”
With a goofy smile Todd looked at Amanda’s left head and said, “Well, I just wan
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Two Ways of the Mind 5: Amanda's New Company
Amanda, running around her high school’s track, looked forward with both of her heads.  Not looking at anything in particular, Amanda lost in her random thoughts about her day at school so far.  It’s been nearly seven months since she grew a second head, grew in height; and nearly two months since finding out that the two necklaces gave her consciousness two complete bodies.  The moment she took off the necklaces was the moment that she returned to her normal state of a two headed one body.  It happened in a blink of an eye.  It was just too weird for her.  Although, being the tall one in school and having two heads has become more ‘normal’ state of things for Amanda.  It didn’t seem so bad.  Actually, it seemed pretty cool that she could see things from two different perspectives but having the same thoughts about it.  
“Amanda,’ called out a male voice.  ‘Amanda!  It’s time to
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The Force by fares002 The Force :iconfares002:fares002 2 0 Deadpool by fares002 Deadpool :iconfares002:fares002 5 0 Superman and Wonder Woman (pluse more) Team up by fares002 Superman and Wonder Woman (pluse more) Team up :iconfares002:fares002 11 4 The Throne by fares002 The Throne :iconfares002:fares002 3 0 Amazon Women by fares002 Amazon Women :iconfares002:fares002 3 0 Batman and Wonder Woman by fares002 Batman and Wonder Woman :iconfares002:fares002 6 0
Mermaid's Love: A Son's Tale Final Part
Arianrhod laid there.  On the medical bed, her arms restrained, the night could not bring sleep to her.  The stress of being a captive once again dominated her thoughts.  Her thoughts raced through her mind as if they were reality and not just her own perception of what was happening to her. Questions like ‘how was here son doing?’, ‘how did they find me’, ‘is my son alive’, ‘how can I escape them once and for all’.  
“Don’t worry sweetie, it’s for the best.  We will find the best warriors for our Country.  Wouldn’t it be grand to be the prototype for a new age of military personnel?  After all of this is done we will make sure you are well taken care of,” said a very familiar female voice.
Looking to her left, Arianrhod saw her sister standing there, not 20 feet from her.  
“I thought this was all because of you!’ spat Arianrhod.  ‘Let us gut go
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Two Minds Part 4
Amanda, becoming more agitated with every passing second, continued to run to nowhere.  Tears were flowing down all four of her eyes.  Running past the local grocery store, followed by the coffee shop, Amanda finally stopped running after nearly two miles and started to walk.  
Breathing heavily, Amanda tried to gain control of her emotions.  It’s been nearly four months since the day Amanda said the spell and her life changed.  “I can’t handle this much longer,’ thought Amanda.  ‘How can I live like this!?  Like some type of freak with two heads.   The worst part is that everyone around me thinks is just how it always has been.  I can’t talk to anyone about this.  I’m alone in this and there is nothing out there I can find to reverse this, Condition.”
Continuing to walk blindly, lost in her thoughts of frustration and despair.  “How can there be nothing out there to reverse the
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Ailsa The Half Vampire Naga - Ref by sofia-1989 Ailsa The Half Vampire Naga - Ref :iconsofia-1989:sofia-1989 94 19 Alicia Migueles 29 by AliciaMigueles Alicia Migueles 29 :iconaliciamigueles:AliciaMigueles 30 4 Tears of Mermaid by IgnisFatuusII Tears of Mermaid :iconignisfatuusii:IgnisFatuusII 205 67 Naga by Ferrilonver Naga :iconferrilonver:Ferrilonver 228 32 The Naga by Protazerg The Naga :iconprotazerg:Protazerg 521 36 Fire Magic by phantom-inker Fire Magic :iconphantom-inker:phantom-inker 170 12 Esmeralda by fdasuarez Esmeralda :iconfdasuarez:fdasuarez 1,101 70 Ariel by fdasuarez Ariel :iconfdasuarez:fdasuarez 3,171 125 KAZZORI by shuangwen KAZZORI :iconshuangwen:shuangwen 112 3 Dancing by Mircalla-Tepez Dancing :iconmircalla-tepez:Mircalla-Tepez 65 14 Babysitting... by SEGAmastergirl Babysitting... :iconsegamastergirl:SEGAmastergirl 355 35 The Countess of Monte Cristo by SummerDreams-Art The Countess of Monte Cristo :iconsummerdreams-art:SummerDreams-Art 316 259 Atom and Sassy Dragon -  Centaur forms by SassyDragon18 Atom and Sassy Dragon - Centaur forms :iconsassydragon18:SassyDragon18 17 5 A Spell for Julie by phantom-inker A Spell for Julie :iconphantom-inker:phantom-inker 120 20 Adopt 54 (CLOSED) set price by DrJack17 Adopt 54 (CLOSED) set price :icondrjack17:DrJack17 174 9 Alicia Migueles 25 by AliciaMigueles Alicia Migueles 25 :iconaliciamigueles:AliciaMigueles 12 0


Questions for everyone.  Are there any storylines you want me to continue?  Start new ones?  What kind of transformation would you like me to write? Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated and taken seriously. Thanks for everything....   😀😀😀😀



Your vision for this piece is very well intentioned. The work and details that are put into this piece are very well displayed here in ...

The Sadness painted on her face is says the entire story. The depth of her sadness and grief is profoundly heartbreaking. Whatever she ...

by Estruda

I have to say that you do have a great eye for taking scenes from various cemeteries and bringing them to life. In this particular piec...

I have to say that your use of color definitely impacted this pieces vision and technique. It also Impacted my view of this piece. What...


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