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Gothic Geisha by shiny-shadows-Art

I must say that I have not seen many scenes like this When it comes to Geisha art I usually see art that is about the sexual or the art that is about being in the 'light' of society. Not with this piece. With this piece I find that there is a sense of dispair and gothic repression in the woman's eyes. She is doing her job but there is a part of her that she does not share with the outside world because she is afraid she would be hurt if she does try to reveal those personal secrets. The originality isn't the most original piece you have ever done. But the technique you display with the detail of the photo and the Impact Overtakes any negative display of the work. I get the sense from her that she is only doing what she is doing because she has to not because she wants to. And that makes her sad and harden at the same time.
The Artist thought this was FAIR
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