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October 25, 2012
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Over a month has passed since I had become a vampire and in that time I have started to train my new life as a vampire.  How to survive, how to feed and how to make sure that human's don't catch onto the fact that I am a vampire.  Yet, I still miss my family greatly, especially my mother; she was the one that has passed onto me the four arms and now I must live forever as a four armed vampire.   Being changed into a vampire was necessary to save my life but was something that I have not willingly chosen to do.  My Best Friend was killed the night I became a vampire and I have not seen my family since then.  I miss the waking up in the morning sun and walking around in the daylight.  I miss being able to talk to my parents, especially my mother, when I felt down.  I couldn't even stay in contact with my friends since they were still a threat to my existence.  I feel a sense of depression over the fact that I must leave my human world behind.  But I try to move forward into my new life as a vampire so that I can grow strong and can protect myself.  In the month that I have lived as a vampire I have learned that my maker's name was actually Athena, the Greek goddess of wisdom, warfare, and courage.  Yet, she has not given me her history as we spent so much time together.  I wish to know her background so I can better understand the life I have been forced into.  I just haven't had the courage to speak up.

I have gotten use to the fact that I was actually living in a mansion that was a part of my own American past.  Coffins were necessary during the day for the both of us because it kept the light out.  The huge house had become the norm for me since I rarely was allowed outside the grounds.  On a nightly basis Athena gave me several pints of blood that looked like they were packaged from the local hospital.  I didn't complain since I was supplied with blood and I convinced myself that the people willingly donated their blood, we just happened to steal it form the hospital.  

On the 35th night of my life as a vampire life I was able to find the courage to ask Athena my deepest thoughts.  I asked her, "How did you become a vampire? Why did you choose me to change instead of letting me die there at the party"?

We were in the living room; she was looking out of the window at some shapeless entity, lost in thought.  I was sitting in one of the old arm chairs next to her.  It was early morning, probably around 4 am and we had just finished the day's training and work nearly an hour before.  It took a moment for her to pull away from looking out the window and look directly at me.  At that moment she looked very cold and crossly at me.  I was whole heartedly expecting her to become very angry with me.  As if I did something wrong to upset her on purpose.  

But to my surprised Athena responded kindly, "Well I think it is best that you know now how I myself have become a vampire.  I was made 10 years before you were made by me.  I was 23 when I was made.  I was living in Los Angeles at the time. I moved there the moment I turned 18 thinking that there was a better life for me there.  Thinking I was going to be the next great actress.  Life there was fun for me.  I was starting to get jobs in the lower independent circuit of movies.  You know the ones, low budget and occasionally shows' up in a video store but never really had a chance to do anything financially.   I did start to become depressed after several years of trying.  I started to use my free time and extra cash to go to the bars, hoping I would finally meet up with the next big producer that would see me for the actress I was.  Weekend drinking started to become a nightly thing.  I started to wear black clothing; I use to use make-up to pale my already pale skin and to wear black lipstick and eyeliner.  I think it made me look cool but I was only trying to mask my depression.  I couldn't understand why people wouldn't look at me with lust in their eyes and wanting me to be the star of the next big movie.   I just didn't understand the value of what it was to wake up every morning being able to watch the sun rise to its zenith and then fall to Earth's horizon once again".  Athena looked away shamefully.

A moment of silence pasted between us.  I didn't know what to say to her in response.  Everything that she had just said was said in sadness as if the life she was talking about was stolen from her so very long ago.  Yet, it was still within a human lifetime and it was when I existed.  She knew my world, our world.  My lower left arm wrapped around my chest, as did my upper right arm, with chills running up and down my spine.  

"But why choose me for the change?  Why didn't you just leave me there at the party that night?" I asked in a single breath of uncertainty.  

Looking at me as if she was taken out of a deep memory Athena responded, "Because I saw how special you were, are.  Look at you.  You have four arms.  How special is that!?  Plus, I couldn't let you see that scene and live.  I don't want to be exposed for the monster that I am,' Athena sighed and looked down at the floor.  'That is a lie I have tried to tell myself.  I really saw how special you are.  I also saw the brave look you gave me.  I saw myself in your eyes and I wanted to have a companion that could understand me better than my maker.  Or anyone else could".

I stood up, walked over to her and with my upper left hand cupped her cheek.  It didn't feel cold; it felt like a smooth marble like skin.  I said, "I am very upset with you for doing what you did.  I can never go back to my family.  They must be worried sick about me right now.  They may be thinking that I was abducted or worse killed and thrown into some ditch somewhere.  I remember seeing on the news how my friend was buried and the police were still looking for her killer.  I don't know what else to do but to follow your lead.  I cannot come to care for you but you are all I have right now and I will not let that go".

Raising her head up to catch my eye, Athena said, "I understand that you must hate me right now; as I did with my maker.  I am the cause of you losing everything that was precious to you".

"Good.  With that understanding we must move forward in our relationship if we are to go through eternity together.  We do live forever don't we?  The stories are right about that right?" I asked.

"Yes.  We have eternity to live on this planet.  The only way to harm us is by fire, beheading and brining our head out to the sun, or walking into the sun.  That is what I am told anyway.  I can say for certain that I look exactly the way I did when I changed into a vampire," responded Athena.

"By the way, where exactly is your maker Athena?" I asked in confusion.  Taking my hand away from her face and letting it hang down at my side.

"You meet him briefly.  He was the one who drained your friend.  You have to understand I became vengeful towards him for what he did to me.  So I decided to hunt him and kill him.  What you saw was nearly 9 years of work of hunting, beheading, and destroying my own maker the night you became a vampire," Athena said.

"So he was the one who deserves the blame for all of this," I stated in disgust, as I raised all four of my arms and referenced my body as a vampire.

"Yes…," responded Athena.  Before Athena could finish her sentence two bodies came crashing through the window on the other side of the room. One of those bodies seemed to be half snake half human.  As the two bodies hit the ground Athena and I, with unnatural speed, was on top of the two before they were able to fully able to do more than hit the ground.

Athena grabbed the four armed snake woman and I grabbed the man and split them apart.  Holding them apart, Athena asked, "What business do you two have here in my own home?"

The four armed, four breasted snake woman stated, "He ruined my life and other people's lives as well and he needs to pay".  She struggled against Athena's grip.

The man chuckled and before I could react he disappeared in my arms.  I grasped at air a second later.

"You let him get away," the snake woman stated harshly.

"Tell us who you are and we may let you go," stated Athena with a forceful voice.

"My name is Miranda.  Now let me go!  I can help you if you can only trust me," the snake woman responded.

It took a moment before Athena made up her mind and the option she decided to make was….
Part 6 of "The Addition's" storyline. The photo is of Athena before she was turned into a vampire. I want to hear from everyone. The photo does not belong to me, it belongs to MaryRaine, her deviantart site is here [link]

The photo is here [link]

I want to thank MaryRaine for giving me permission to use the photo in my storyline. I want people to let me know what they think of this part

For those who don't know who Miranda is the link to the first part of her story is here [link]

Part 7 is up and is here [link]
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LoadingMarmiteLover Featured By Owner Oct 28, 2012
Generally a great story, however the dialogue, I find, seems a bit clunky and formal compared to everyday speech.
fares002 Featured By Owner Oct 30, 2012
just to ask for the sense of improving my writing. How would you say the writing is a little to formal and clunky?
LoadingMarmiteLover Featured By Owner Oct 30, 2012
Well an example of this is 'I cannot come to care for you'. It simply does not sound like something people would say to each other on a normal basis too me.

Besides that, there are a lot of full stops which could be put into one sentences to make it smoother. 'I was made 10 years before you were made by me. I was 23 when I was made. I was living in Los Angeles at the time.' could become 'Ten years ago I was living in Los Angeles, I was 23 at the time......', however one of the good sentences is 'I started to use my free time and extra cash to go to the bars, hoping I would finally meet up with the next big producer that would see me for the actress I was'
fares002 Featured By Owner Oct 30, 2012
thanks :)
TanukiTagawa Featured By Owner Oct 26, 2012
:bulletwhite:Seem that something very thrilling will gone happen! :excited:
fares002 Featured By Owner Oct 27, 2012
TanukiTagawa Featured By Owner Oct 27, 2012
:bulletwhite: You´re welcome! :greetings:
af-s772 Featured By Owner Oct 25, 2012
Oh WOW! I love the the you ended this chapter and pulled off that "expanded universe" bit with Miranda. I also liked the way you show how being a vampire has consequences, and how you are fleshing out Athena. You have got something cool unfolding here.^_^
fares002 Featured By Owner Oct 25, 2012
thank you. :)
af-s772 Featured By Owner Oct 25, 2012
I mentioned to :iconsnore23: that I thought "The Additions" was a worthy challenger to SHDYCF?. This story in my opinion has that sort of scope to it, and has a great premise that hasn't been tripped up by a cliche. I'm looking forward ot the next installment.^_^
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