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Waking up calmly Miranda slowly opened her eyes.  Looking around sleepily, Miranda noticed that she was in a basement library.  Sitting up on all four of her arms she realized that she was in the basement of two vampires.  One of them, like her had multiple arms.  Smiling to herself about the fact that there was more than just her that roamed the world with more than a pair of arms, realizing she wasn't alone anymore.  It made Miranda happy that she wasn't the only one in the world that was a 'freak' as normal society would consider people out of the ordinary.  

Yet, Miranda felt like it was her responsibility and hers' alone to take revenge of the evil being that had taken her mother away from her.  Pulling herself up with her snake tail, Miranda slithered off of the couch and towards the closest table.  Taking a few moments to look around the cluttered table for a piece of paper and pen Miranda wrote a short note to Marissa explaining what she felt.  Laying it down on the couch she fell asleep on Miranda went up the stairs, through the first floor and out the front door.  She had gathered all the information she needed to defeat this evil being and had the confidence now to defeat him.

As Miranda slithered away from the house she looked back and gave a sigh.  Hoping she would see Marissa once again.  She looked away, towards the western sky as the last of the sun gave way to the horizon.  A light chilly wind crossed Miranda's face, causing her to wrap her lower arms around her chest.  Her upper right arm came up and brushed her hair out of her face, as her left arm came up and lightly touched her cheek.  

Letting her left hand wipe its way down her face Miranda felt how oily her skin was.  As her hand completely slid off of her face Miranda looked down at it.  Seeing that it was slightly dirty she realized that she had not cleaned herself in several days.  

Feeling like she was a slob Miranda quickly slithered away from town.  A few miles of slithering Miranda found a house that looked like it was a nice house.  She broke into the house, finding it empty she started to look around for supplies, mainly toiletries for the task of cleaning herself off.  Within moments she found a bathroom full of soaps, hair brushes, tooth brushes, tooth paste and towels.  Taking one of each Miranda swiftly exited the house.  

Several miles after that Miranda came upon the Northern edge of the county.  There she found the river that flowed through the town.  Taking off her bras Miranda slithered into the river.  The cool water made Miranda feel relax.   Settling in the water Miranda began to wash herself off.   After washing herself off Miranda took her time swimming around in the water, the cool water felt good on her human and snake skin.  She found that the she could hold her breath longer than she could ever do before becoming a naga.  In fact she found out that she could hold her breath for nearly 20 minutes before she had to go up the surface to take a breath.  It was a freeing experience for Miranda.  

After the bath and swim in the river, Miranda slithered her way out of the water and covered her four breasts once again.  Feeling calm, Miranda headed towards town, hoping that she would find the evil man who killed her mother.  Her eyes blazed with hatred towards the evil being.  

At Miranda's Father's house

Wheeling himself into the living room the bitter man turned on the television.  It was the 7 pm news that was on the channel that the TV was set on.  The top stories were being told to the public. Several moments later the anchors finished with their talk and stated that the top main story was about sightings of a half woman half snake creature that was moving around town, helping various people who were in trouble.  This caught the eye of Miranda's father.  He thought for a brief moment that it could have been his daughter.  Ever since he kicked her out of the house that night he regretted it.  He couldn't bring himself to admit that Miranda was his entire life and he loved her no matter what form she was in.  He had not had a drink of alcohol since that night.  He realized minutes after slamming the door in her face that he was the idiot, he was the ass hole who couldn't get things together.  It had eaten him through the core since then.

"….And how here is an eye witness who attests the existence of this four armed creature.  Miss Ford would you tell us your side of the story please?" asked the slightly overweight, balding field reporter.  

A strawberry red head started to speak into the microphone, "Yes, I would love to John.  It happened a few nights ago.  I was trying to get away from a potential rapist who tried to force me into being his boyfriend when this slithering snake woman came out of nowhere and defended my honor.  I haven't heard from the man since.' Grabbing the mike out of the reporter's hands she continued, "Listen if you are watching this woman I would like to 'thank you' for saving my life.  I wouldn't know what I have done if that ass hole would have tried to have his way with me."

Swipping the microphone back from the woman the journalist responded by saying, "Now that is a story of the ages. A four armed snake woman is loose among our streets.  Now back to you Gloria."

Gloria continued on with her report about how it was a fool's prank and that no such thing exists.  Then the entire crew moved onto the next story.  

Wheeling himself away from the television Miranda's father had finally realized that he wasn't the man his daughter need but someone who tried to make her like him.  This was the shamming defeat that he had just realized.  He felt like he should at least try so that she was could come back.  So many thoughts were going through his mind.  He has started to at himself in mirror more closely.   Did he really need to work on himself emotionally or is it something that he needed to change in his actions to gain her respect and love once again.  

Looking down at the bottle of scotch that was sitting between his legs, he became angry.  Frustration was painted on his face as if his head was going to explode.  He picked the bottle up with his left hand threw it up against the wall.  It shattered on impact.  

"I swear to you Miranda!  I will be a better father to you.  I realize now that you are my world and losing you put me in hell.  I must prove that I am a better man than the man that I have become," stated Miranda's father to the emptiness of the house.  He became completely and wholeheartedly focused on his redemption in his daughter's eyes.
Part 9 of "Mirnada's New Life". Hope everyone likes it. Let me know what you think of it. The only way I get to improve my writing when you, the people of deviantart, comment and giver cirtiques about it. So let me know. Thanks for reading. Part 10 is here [link]
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wasmic Featured By Owner Jun 18, 2013
Wait... is the story finished now? Sad :( It was a good story, but it just doesn't feel... done. Even if it is supposed to be an open-ended story, it still leaves a lot unwritten.
fares002 Featured By Owner Jun 18, 2013
lol, thanks for reminding me to post the connection to part 10. I completely forgot to do that. anyway the next part is [link]
Weldit Featured By Owner Jan 18, 2013
i like this, i really do!
fares002 Featured By Owner Jan 19, 2013
af-s772 Featured By Owner Jan 12, 2013
A nice follow up to the previous parts of this story. It's also nice window into her state of mind after
the events in depicted in "The Additions".
The bit with her father at the end was a nice touch too.:D
fares002 Featured By Owner Jan 13, 2013
af-s772 Featured By Owner Jan 13, 2013
You're welcome.:)
RalphThebandit Featured By Owner Jan 12, 2013
Loved it,would like to see the father get back together with her.good work,I am enjoying the story
fares002 Featured By Owner Jan 13, 2013
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