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Her emotional state is very deeply shown in her facial features. Her crying tears, even though it runes her mascara, shows the overflow...

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The sexuality of the girl shines through as "A Strong Woman and I am Proud". Furthermore, her eyes portray a certain sense of unworldly...

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Been meaning to give a review of this piece for while now. So here it is. Your use of shades of purple, black, and whites complement ea...



Just letting all of you know that for the next 2 to 3 weeks I will not be able to be online much, let alone on deviantart, because of my job responsibilities.  So please don't get insulted that I don't respond to your messages or your artistic postings immediately.  It's just that I am busy and most likely haven't been online to view your message and your art work to comment on it or respond.  Please don't be insulted.  Life can be life and I want to make sure all of my followers don't feel like I'm neglecting them.  Thank you for your understanding.  :)

“Hello,’ said Ryan.  ‘Come in Mr. and Mrs. Walker.  I’m sure Tiffany is excited to see you.  Please come in.”  

“That’s Sargent Major to you sonny boy,’ stated Mr. Walker as we harshly walked past Ryan as he threw his hat towards Ryan.  ‘Now where is our daughter?  And what is so important that you said that it was imperative for us to cancel our night’s plan to be here for dinner?”  

“Oh, come off the Sargent Major title with Ryan, Jim,’ said his wife Stacey as she walked into the apartment and took off her black leather coat.  ‘It’s been what, nine years since you retired from the Army.  He isn’t one of your soldiers.”

“It’s a sign of respect for people to call me that Stacey,’ said Jim.  ‘Would you stop trying to belittle my 27 years of work within the Army ranks, it is really hard to for anyone to gain the rank of E-9 period.  Let alone have the top General’s ears at the Pentagon.”

“Well we aren’t at the Pentagon and he isn’t a soldier.  He is just happens to be dating your daughter.  Give him some slack.  He actually seems to be a good fit for Tiffany.  And if you try to pull your overprotective dad shenanigans tonight I swear to God that you will be staying at the Motel 6 for the next month,” stated Stacey.

“Woman!  Why did I ever marry you?” stated Jim.

“Because you love me and I know it.  You need someone to keep you in line and you know it,’ said Stacey.  ‘I just happen to be that person.”

“Damn it woman, why do you always have to be right!” responded Jim.

“Because I just am,’ said Stacey.  ‘Hello Ryan.  How’s your week going?  I haven’t heard from you or Tiffany in the past week.  I want to hear everything.”  Stacey threw down her coat onto the foyer floor and grabbed the left arm of Ryan and pulled him towards the kitchen.  

“God woman, can’t you just be a ‘normal’ woman and do what I say,” said Jim under his breath as he followed the two into the kitchen.  

“Because I’m your wife Jim.  You’re supposed to make me happy and do what I say, not the other way around,’ stated Stacey.  ‘I’m not one of your subordinates in the Army as well as a 1950’s version of a house wife.  Do I still have to remind you to ‘get over it’?  It’s not too hard.  Make me happy and I’ll make you happy dear.”  

Rolling his eyes, Jim realized she was actually right.  The best times in their married lives were when he made her happy and in turn she had made him happy for his effort to make her happy.  He just didn’t want to admit it in front of Ryan, the person who is trying to take his only daughter away from him.  

“So tell me Ryan, how is life?” asked Stacey, sitting down at the kitchen table.  

“UUHH, life’s good.  Work is going well.   I’m next in line to be promoted at the firm.  Tiffany is one of the top administrative assistants at her work.  She’s even being considered to be promoted to becoming the CEO’s administrative assist within the company.  I’m so proud of her hard work.  I’m sure you are as well,” said Ryan.  

“Of course we are!’  Stated Jim as he paced over towards the kitchen sink.  ‘What, you think just because she lives with you that we don’t care about her anymore?”

“Daddy!  You know better than that,’ said Tiffany, who stood at the kitchen entrance from the living room.  ‘Ryan is a good man and you know it.”  

Everyone looked towards Tiffany.   Wearing several layers of heavy and oversized sweaters, as well as a pair of lose fitting jeans Tiffany walked into the kitchen and said hello to everyone.  Looking like she was a ‘normal’ two armed woman she hugged her mom, who stood up and hugged back, with both ‘upper arms’.  Doing the same with her father.  

“So what’s the big news that Ryan was saying was so important that we just had to come over for dinner?” asked Jim.

“Well, I don’t know if I should say…,” started Ryan.

“Daddy!  Stop it.  You know better than to push around my boyfriend,” said Tiffany in a high pitched voice.  

“I’m sorry sweetie but I’m just trying to protect you,” said Jim.

“Protect me from what?  Ever having a relationship?  Of you two ever having grandchildren?’ stated Tiffany, her frustration growing.  ‘You know what? Forget this pretense.  I’ll just show you why Ryan asked you two to come here tonight.”

Grabbing the bottom of all of her sweaters, Tiffany pulled them over her head; leaving her upper body bare except for color coordinating black bras that are the strapless bra holding up her lower breasts and  the seamless bra holding up her upper breasts.

Looking at her in awe, mouths agape, her parents looked her over.  They saw that their daughter had grown an extra pair of arms in which the shoulders of the second pair of arms sat on her upper body only several inches under her upper shoulders.  A second pair of breasts lied a few inches below her top breasts.   All in all, it looked like her upper body looked like a natural four armed/breasted female.  As if she had always had them.  

Both of her parents stood there, agape.  Not knowing exactly what to do or say.

A few minutes passed in silence.   Tiffany looked back and forth at each of her parents with eager hope but in fearful defiance.  Ryan backed off to the nearest wall, not wanting to be a part of the family fight and discussion since he figured it would be rude that he was a part of it.  

“Say something, anything.  Mom and Dad please, say something, even if it negative, I must know what you think.  Your opinion means so much to me.  I must know,” said a desperate Tiffany, tears started to flow down her checks.  

Without warning Tiffany’s mother said, “I love you Tiffany.  Your decision to do what you did was up to you and I continue to love and support you for your decision.”

Weakly, Tiffany smiled at her mother. “Thank you mother.  That means so much to me.  Daddy, what do you think?”

“I, um, I just don’t know sweetie.  I just don’t know what to say,’ said Jim.  ‘You changed your body to fit in with is expected for the need of the many instead of your needs.  I don’t know how I feel about this.”

“But daddy, didn’t you want the best for me? Are you judging me just because I didn’t follow you in your footsteps in the Military?  I think that you are judging on your terms, not mine,” stated Tiffany, tears started to flow down her checks.  

“I’m not judging you sweetie.  It’s just a lot to take in.  I just don’t know how to react.  How my daughter changed her body for God knows what.  Why did you do this?” asked Jim.

“Because it is what I feel is the right thing to do.  Nothing more, nothing less,” stated Tiffany.

“Then I support you Tiffany.  Your life is your life and I support your decisions as long as you feel they are the right ones for you and make you happy.  I just want you to be happy sweetie.  Even if I am a bonehead about it; I just want to see you happy,” said Jim, smiling uncertainly.

“Thank you daddy.  That’s all I ask of you,’ responded Tiffany, breathing more slowly and calmly.  ‘Can I get a hug from you?”

“Um, sure thing,” said Jim as he walked over to Tiffany and opened up his arms to her.

Tiffany wrapped her arms around her dad, all four of them.  Jim felt that it was a surreal thing that four arms now wrapped around his body as he wrapped his two arms around his daughter.  His daughter’s four breasts pressing up against his chest just accented the feeling.  

“Daddy, I’m so glad you accept me as I am now.  I was so afraid you would reject me,” said Tiffany, as she let go of her hug.

“Sweetie, you’re my daughter.  I can never reject you for your decisions.  I love you because of your own decisions in life, no matter what,’ said Jim.  ‘But right now I have to ask what is for dinner?  I am starved and I haven’t had anything to eat since this morning?”

“Ha ha, from the most important to the less important in one sentence Jim,” said Tiffany’s mother.  

“First order of business, survival,’ said Jim. ‘Anyone who was in a life threating situation knows what I mean.”  

“Daddy, let’s sit down and talk about if we are going to stay in or go out,” said Tiffany with a smile.  

“Sounds good to me; what is everyone in the mood for,” said Jim as he sat down at the kitchen table with a smile.  

“Oh, great.  You managed from going to the most important sentence to the least important sentence in one sentence,” stated Tiffany’s mother.  

“Hey, first order of business.  Survival,” stated Jim with a smile.
Life's New Changes Part 4
Part four the storyline.  I hope everyone likes it.  Tell me what you think I could have done better. It does really help
Tiffany’s tongue hung out of the side of her mouth as she concentrated on the four balls sitting on the maple desk in front of her.  Suddenly, Tiffany’s lower arms grab out at the balls, as second later her upper arms grabbed out at the balls, all four hands found their mark and she grabbed all four balls back to her body.  

“Aha!  Success,” said Tiffany, grinning triumphal with her accomplishment.  

“You’ve gotten so much better Tiff.  I’m proud of you,” said Ryan.  

Looking over her shoulder and towards the door of her bedroom, Tiffany saw Ryan leaning against the doorway with a smirk on his face.  

“What?” giggled Tiffany.  

“Nothing, you’re just cute when you are concentrating hard on something,’ said Ryan.  ‘You lick your lips and let your tongue hang out of the side of your mouth.  It’s just a cute little quark that you do.”  

“Oh, thanks Ryan.  Way to make a girl feel right at home,” said Tiffany sarcastically, while rolling her eyes.  

Smirking, Ryan wide-eyed stood up straight and walked over to Tiffany.  He grabbed her upper left arm and pulled her up to her feet.  “You want to feel right at home.  Then here you go,” said Ryan as he turned her around and kissed her deeply right on the lips.  

Tiffany’s eyes widened with surprised.  Then a second later she closed her eyes and kissed him back.

A few seconds later, Ryan let go of the kiss.  Tiffany took a deep breath, as well as Ryan.

“How was that in inviting you into this home missy?” asked Ryan.  

Taking a deep breath in arousal Tiffany let go of the breath.  “Well, Ryan.  You do know how to kiss.  But will you let go of my arm?  You’re squeezing a little too hard.”  

“Oh, I’m sorry!’ said Ryan as he let go of Tiffany’s arm.  ‘You are just still so sexy to me.  Even with four arms and four breasts.  I find you are more human than most people who are ‘normal’ in the rest of the world.”  

Blushing, Tiffany looked down at the floor.  “Thanks Ryan.  You really are a great boyfriend.  You’re really the one to be with.”

‘Well, here is the hard part.  You have to call your parents and tell them,’ said Ryan.  ‘You’ve been avoiding them for the past week.  They deserve to know.  Plus, you’ll see your mom tomorrow at work.  Don’t forget that you two work for the same company.  Think of what she will say when she sees you at work not knowing that you have an extra pair of hands.  If that isn’t going to be a scene then I don’t know what a scene is.”  

Shuttering, Tiffany thought about how she avoided her parents the past week because she made a life altering change and her parents weren’t exactly the most understanding people in the sense of ‘change’ in the world.  

“Oh, don’t bring that up.   My parents don’t need to know,’ said Tiffany.  ‘Plus, they can find out on their own.  I don’t need them bagging on me for my own life choices right now.  They aren’t exactly the best parents to tell that I have ‘changed’ my life like I did.   Just leave it alone Ryan.”

“Whatever, Tiff you are making a big mistake.  Your parents deserve to know about their daughter’s changes.  It will give them time to accept things before you actually have to see them in person,” responded Ryan.  

“Thanks for the support Ryan,’ said Tiffany as she threw a ball at him from her lower right hand.  ‘I need your understanding and all I get is your judgment.”  

Ducking out of the way of the ball, Ryan said, “Oh, that’s mature of you Tiff.  I’m just trying to help you.  I care for you and want to see you happy and be a part of your family’s life.”

Sighing, Tiffany responded, “You’re right.  I should tell them.  But I’m not ready to.  I am not ready to hear them tell me about how my life didn’t need to be changed.  That I should have been happy with what I got in life, instead of changing my body to fit ‘societies’ needs.”  

Tiffany stood up and walked over to Ryan and gave him a hug with her four arms.  She squeezed him in her hug.  “Thanks for at least trying to keep me on the right track Ryan.  What would I do without you?”

“You wouldn’t be,” said Ryan mockingly.  Feeling the surrealist of the four arms wrapped around him, as well as the four breasts pushing up against his body.  Not knowing exactly how to react to Tiffany, since she was the first person he knew that underwent body modification by adding two new arms and two new breasts to her body.  

“Oh! Thanks, you ass hole,” said Tiffany as she slapped him on the shoulder with both of her right hands.  

Backing off after the slap from Tiffany, Ryan said, “Hey, I’m just trying to loosen the tension here.  I care for you and want you to succeed.  Hopefully, I’m part of your long term priorities.”  

“Will you stop being a guy about it then?  Jeeze, Ryan.  I’m not one of your buddies, remember, I’m a girl.  You know your GIRLFriend,” said Tiffany.

“Good to hear that, because I kind of figured you would want to avoid your parents so I took the liberty of calling them and inviting them over for dinner tonight.  It would have been nice if you would tell them before they got here but are they in for a surprise when they get here,’ said Ryan, smirking.  ‘They’ll be here at 5 pm.”

“5 PM!!  That’s twenty minutes from now,’ a shocked Tiffany said, letting go of the balls in her hands.  Standing up Tiffany walked over to Ryan; her face looked at Ryan square in the eyes, barely an inch away from him.  ‘Ryan, how could you!?  You know how I feel about telling my parents about my personal life.  They’ll just freak about I have done to my body.  How could you do this Ryan?”

Wide eyed in shock, Ryan said, “Whoa, Whoa, Whoa.  Tiff, you are scaring me.  I thought it would be nice to help your parents to adjust to your new form if they saw, first hand, that you weren’t some crazy kook.  I’m sure they will accept you.  You are their daughter after all, why wouldn’t they?  I mean, look how I have accepted the new you.  We are still in love and are moving forward with your new form magnificently.  Trust me; your parents will love you no matter what.”  

“That’s what you think.  You haven’t been around my dad long enough to know how much he doesn’t like change.  My mom isn’t much better,” said Tiffany, on the verge of tears.

“Ok! Don’t cry Tiff.  I was just trying to help.  I’m sorry for being a buttinsky.  I honestly was just trying to help,” said Ryan as he tried to back off.

Suddenly, the sound of the doorbell rang in all of its glory.  

“Oh My God!  That’s my parents, they are early.  I’m not surprised. Oh My God! I’m not ready.  Ryan you have to stall them.  You just have to, you owe me that.  I don’t what to wear.  How can I explain all of this?  Oh no,” said Tiffany as she started to pace back and forth in the room, mumbling.

“It’s ok Tiff. I’ve got this.  I’ll answer the door and you get dressed.  I’ll delay them as long as possible so you can get ready to face your parents,” said Ryan as he ran out of the room and towards the front door.  

Opening the front door, Ryan looked at Tiffany’s parents with surprise.  Not thinking that they would be this early.  Now that they were here, he wasn’t so sure his idea was a good one.
Life's New Changes Part 3
Part 3 of the storyline.  Hope people like it.  Let me know what you think in constructive criticism.  Thanks  :)  Part 4 is up and is here…
I want to take the moment to tell everyone 'thank you' for taking the time to visit my DeviantArt Webpage.  I have just surpassed 50,000 views for my main page.  I would like people to add, in the comments section, on what storyline I have posted is their favorite.  Thank you all again for taking the time and effort to look at my stories and read them.  I greatly appiriate it greatly. 
Just letting all of you know that for the next 2 to 3 weeks I will not be able to be online much, let alone on deviantart, because of my job responsibilities.  So please don't get insulted that I don't respond to your messages or your artistic postings immediately.  It's just that I am busy and most likely haven't been online to view your message and your art work to comment on it or respond.  Please don't be insulted.  Life can be life and I want to make sure all of my followers don't feel like I'm neglecting them.  Thank you for your understanding.  :)


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